• 1. Bourtzi
  • 2. Palamidi
  • 3. Acronauplia
  • 4. Syndagma Square
  • 1. Arvanitia
  • 2. Kranidi
  • 3. Karathona beach

Ideal location in Nafplio

Grand Sarai Nafplio is located in the old town of Nafplio, a few minutes from the historic Syntagma Square, very close to the church of Agios Spyridon and opposite the catholic church. The building hosted the first audit conference of the modern Greek state. The historic Syntagma Square, the waterfront overlooking Bourtzi, the picturesque bars and taverns are a few minutes 'walk away. There is free public parking very close to the hotel (around 350 m).

Useful distances

Akronafplia Castle 0.1 km
Nafplio Syntagma Square 0.2 km
Palamidi 0.8 km
Bourtzi 0.9 km

Nafplion is a beautiful town in eastern Peloponnese in mainland Greece, only 2 hours drive and close to important archaeological sites, such as Mycenae and Epidaurus. It was among the first towns to set free during the Greek War of Independence. This was also the first capital of Independent Greece. That is why many historical sights can be seen in the town, including Palamidi Fortress and Bourtzi Castle.


The small island of Bourtzi in Nafplion is popular for its strong, impressive fortress. Still known by its Turkish name Bourtzi, meaning the Tower, it attracts many visitors all year round. Antonio Gambello, an architect from Bergamo, built the castle in 1471 on this tiny islet in front of the port of Nafplion, although the construction was completed by the engineer Brancaleone. The design was made specifically to fit the narrow shape of the islet.

Palamidi Fortress

Το Παλαμήδι είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα κάστρα της Ελλάδας και το μεγαλύτερο και καλύτερα διατηρημένο φρουριακό συγκρότημα της Ενετοκρατίας. Ολοκληρώθηκε το 1714 σε χρόνο-ρεκόρ μόλις λίγων ετών για να εξυπηρετήσει τις στρατιωτικές και ναυτικές επιχειρήσεις των Βενετσιάνων εκείνης της εποχής. Ακολουθεί τη φυσική γραμμή του λόφου και γίνεται ένα με το τοπίο γύρω του απόλυτα σεβόμενο το χώρο αλλά και το σκοπό που είχε αναλάβει να εξυπηρετήσει. Διατηρείται σε άριστη κατάσταση και αποτελεί ένα από τα σπουδαιότερα επιτεύγματα της βενετσιάνικης οχυρωματικής αρχιτεκτονικής.